RKM Library Hosts First Edition of “Speaking of Writing” Series

2 years

The HCT-RAK Men’s campus (RKM) Library hosted the first event of Speaking of Writing series to highlight and celebrate the accomplishments of the HCT-RAK campuses’ community who have published books and other creative works over the previous years.

The Library was honored to feature the book authored by Alexandrina Pauceanu, Assistant Professor Faculty of Business, who has over 12 years’ international teaching experience in both multicultural and multilingual environments. Alexandrina discussed her book Entrepreneurship in the Gulf Cooperation Council: Guidelines for Starting and Managing Businesses.

Alexandrina gave an inspiring talk followed by questions about her writing process, the importance of reading, her experience with the publishing industry and the time management skills she had to acquire while writing a book.

Over 30 students and 10 faculty members attended the event. Audience left happy with a better understanding of writing process and the importance of reading to advance their academic careers.

Speaking of writing 1

Speaking of writing 2

Speaking of writing 4