RAK Police Share Valuable Drug Awareness Facts with HCT-RAK Students

1 year

The RAK Police hosted a Drug Awareness lecture aimed at educating local university and college students about the dangers of drugs on young people.

Students from the HCT-RAK Men’s and Women’s campuses attended the lecture, accompanied by staff, faculty & HCT-RAK Management, represented by Dr.Yahya Al Ansaari Executive Director of the HCT-RAK campuses, and Maryam Alhaffeet, Senior Manager Campus Support.

All HCT students participated in the discussion, which was led by Colonel Adnan Alzaabi, Manager of Drug Control at RAK Police.

The lecture focused on the psychological aspects of drugs on young people, especially university/college students, and delivered direct messages to students on how to protect themselves from drugs, be aware of the side effects and increase awareness in the community.

At the End of the Lecture RAK Police warmly thanked Dr.Yahya Al Ansaari for the HCT-RAK campuses’ participation and for being active partner in such community initiatives.

RAK Police meeting 1

RAK Police meeting 2