RAK Campuses Celebrate Pride & Loyalty For The Nation During UAE Flag Day

1 year

Loyal feelings rang high at the HCT-Ras Al Khaimah Men’s and Women’s campuses as students, faculty and staff stood in earnest dedication to the UAE flag during the country-wide Flag Day celebrations.

With the playing of the UAE national anthem, and the presence of Abdulla Almheiri, HCT Vice President Shared Services, Maryam Alhaffeet, Senior Manager RKW Campus Support, and Taleb Obaid, RKM Senior Manager Campus Support, all were reminded that there is much to be thankful for and to celebrate.

At the HCT-RAK campuses, the community’s strong sense of national pride was in evidence in the UAE flags seen everywhere on campus. All students, along with faculty and staff, were gathered around the flag and anxiously awaiting to participate in the nation-wide raising of the UAE flag.

At 11 o’clock sharp, the UAE national anthem filled the air.  It was a moving sight to see people from all corners of the world doing their best to sing along in Arabic! Enthusiasm reached its height as the flag was raised while hundreds of students joined together to wave UAE flags in the air. After that, HCT-RAK students joined the Vice President to cut the cake and print their fingers with UAE flag colors in a white big board. They designed a beautiful painting with their fingerprints.

The UAE Flag Day, held on November 1, was an unforgettable day for all at the HCT-RAK campuses.

 Flag Day 2018 - RKW 2

Flag Day 2018 - RKW 3

Flag Day 2018 - RKM 1

Flag Day 2018 - RKM 3

Flag Day 2018 - RKW 1

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Flag Day 2018 - RKM 7