RAK Campuses Award Model Foundations Students

2 years

It has become a tradition at the RAK campuses to recognize exemplary Foundations students in front of all their peers and teachers.

On October 30, 2018, male and female Foundations students gathered in the auditorium at RKW for a special award ceremony in the presence of Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari, Executive Director of Ras Al Khaimah colleges, Ms. Christine Howling, Foundations Program Coordinator and the Foundations teachers.

The celebration started with an address by Ms. Howling and Dr. Yahya with a brief reminder of the requirements of Foundations students and tips on how to be successful in Cycle 2. Dr. Yahya then presented the Model Student Awards and gift vouchers, which brought on loud cheers from their peers as the star students approached the stage.

The students were selected by their teachers based on their hard work and good behavior in Cycle 1 of the Foundations academic year. It had been difficult for teachers to limit the choice to a few students as RAK campuses are lucky to have many very dedicated and hard-working students. In the end, 16 RKW students and 10 RKM students had made it to the final list and received formal recognition for their efforts.

After handing out the awards, an enormous cake was presented on stage bearing the message “Well Done Foundations!”. Dr Yahya invited the teachers and students to join him on the stage for a group photo of the cake cutting. The cake was then shared and enjoyed by everyone present.

The ceremony was concluded with a lively presentation by the Student Council, who put on a short, light-hearted stage-show enacting familiar situations to illustrate student behavior both conducive to and impeding learning. The show was well received by the students with laughter and cheers. All in all, the Award Ceremony was a great success, and will undoubtedly encourage students to strive harder to make good progress in Cycle 2.

Awarding Foundation students 1

Awarding Foundation students 3

Awarding Foundation students 6