Pick & Win … AAW Foundations Students Map Futures at Program Choice Fair

5 months

Foundations students at the HCT- Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) were given a gold-star opportunity to select their future study paths when the campus organised a Program Choice Fair on November 5, 2018.

The event, held in the Absher Room, enabled students to make informed choices about their future study and career paths. Students were escorted by their teachers to the event at different times between 11 am and 1 pm according to their levels.

The participants had the opportunity to meet academic representatives, both faculty and current undergraduates, from the four different AAW divisions – Business, Education, CIS, and Aeronautical Engineering. The representatives gave a short presentation highlighting key aspects of the courses on offer.

Prior to the event, the Foundations students were encouraged to think of suitable questions to ask about their potential future studies. Moreover, representatives from the AAW Careers Department were on hand to give advice and guidance to the students to help them decide which program would most suit their needs and ambitions as well as outlining the services on offer from their department.


Alreem Al Amri, a Year-3 Aeronautical Engineering student, was very keen to encourage students and give them advice about her program.

“Some students think it might be too difficult but it’s not,” she commented. “This is because we have good teachers who give the students lots of information. We also have new labs with very new machines and equipment. These help the students because they can really see what they’re doing so it’s very practical.”

“It’s very important that Foundations students consider their options and don’t just choose a program because their friends are doing it,” stated Mr. Mahommed Adams, AAW Senior Specialist for Work Placement.

“If they are still confused about their choice after meeting all the divisions, they should come to the Careers Services Department where we can assist them in exploring their options and support them in making a decision that will ensure their success. We want them to know we’ll be supporting them all the way through college and beyond,” he added.

“Students need to pick something they’re really interested in,” advised Ms. Kesha Oliver, Faculty from the Education Department. “I believe our program is really one of the best because of the high standard of English language among our undergraduates and graduates, as required by their IELTS exit level. Partly because of this we are seeing students in semesters 7 and 8 who already have solid job offers for when they graduate.”

Many students expressed their appreciation of the event and were pleased to receive answers to their questions.

“First I asked the girl in the Business program about the jobs I might get when I finish,” commented Maitha Sultan Alkhanbashi, a level-4 Foundations student. “Then I asked IT some questions and learned more about that program, too.”

“I got answers to my questions about Engineering,” added Wadha Raham Almazrouei.

“They told me they would provide positive support and they told me I need to learn Level-2 mathematics and they will help me in the future.”