HCT-Sharjah Childcare Center Promotes Child Safety

2 years

Children’s safety will always be a top priority at the HCT-Sharjah Campuses Childcare Centre, as safety can never be taken for granted.

It must be a community priority, and it takes a community to fulfill it.

“The Keeping Safe” Child Protection Curriculum teaches all children from a young age, in an age appropriate way, to recognize abuse and tell a trusted adult about it. It helps them understand what is appropriate and in appropriate touching and outlines ways they can keep themselves safe.

An awareness campaign was launched at the beginning of October enforced by a visit scheduled by friendly trained police officers on 17th October, who devoted good time in outreach to children, they spoke to the children about personal safety strategies.

The session began with a very informative talk on stranger danger, the importance of wearing seat belts, safety rules while playing in playgrounds, even on bikes in a park, and the important role the police play in keeping children safe, it was very interactive discussion that ended it up with children signing the stranger act song.

Children then had the opportunity to try on climb in to the police van and use the speakers sat, turned on the siren. The kids also shared their art activities in making seat belts with the police officers .

The visit is an opportunity to make a positive impression on kids to build the long term trust between Police Officers and members of the community that is the foundation of safe communities.

The Children’s reactions showed a change in their  perception how the police Officer go from stranger into “helpers” in times of need.

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