Fighting Fire with Teamwork … AAW Community Practises Safety with Speedy Fire Drill

1 year

The HCT-Al Ain Women’s (AAW) community got a loud surprise to start their day, at 9am on November 19, 2018; but it was all in the name of safety and preparedness.

The whole campus underwent an unannounced fire evacuation drill with the participation of the crack team from the Al Ain’s Civil Defense.

The fire drill was part of the AAW Environmental, Health & Safety Committee’s initiatives to improve emergency response times, and raise awareness on safety measures and evacuation procedures.

Prior to the drill, the AAW emergency response team split into two teams – بire wardens and assembly point coordinators, while teachers took the responsibility of evacuating their classrooms. The evacuation operation went according to plan, as it began immediately after the fire alarm went off.

A group of firefighters from the Al Ain Civil Defense, prepared with the necessary equipment, inspected the buildings and assisted with the evacuation operation while monitoring the process.

The “all clear” was given from the chief warden within three minutes, and students and teachers were guided back into the building with the assistance of the fire wardens and assembly point coordinators.

The drill was conducted with constructive and assistive input from the Civil Defense and the emergency response team along with teachers, students, and staff.

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