Educators in Action … AAW Senior B.Ed Student Hosts Young Learners in Education Hub

7 months

A class of Grade 2 children from Ahmed bin Zayed School travelled to the HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) on November 11, to participate in a fun and hands-on lesson at the college’s education hub.

Fourth-year education student, Muna Nasser Al Ahbabi, has spent 14 weeks in the school as part of her final-year teaching practice placement.  As part of her practicum, one of Muna’s required tasks is to organise an educational trip, and hence she chose to invite her mentor teacher’s class to visit AAW.

Muna commented, “Coming to the college to have a lesson is an exciting event for the children and it is very nice for the class to come to a different place to learn,” Muna said.

The children were accompanied by their teacher Ms. Leanne who explained that during her time in the class, Muna had developed into an excellent teacher and established strong relationships with the children.

Muna’s lesson involved Science, Math and English.  One group of children did Science and focused on the idea of adaptation where the children attempted to answer the question “How can the snowman adapt to live in the desert with the camel?”   The children investigated this question by doing an experiment with ice cubes. They added one ice cube to three different cups, and observed the ice to see which cube melted first. After that fun experiment, the children learnt about the chameleon, where they had to color one so that it is camouflaged into its environment.

A second group of children worked on Math activities and practiced skip counting in 2s and 5s then subtracted number sentences using Hundreds Charts.  A third group did English language activities and were involved in working to identify prepositions, nouns and verbs by moving words on a box into the correct place.

Ms. Leanne was very happy to see her class so interested, adding : “to see them working together in a broad range of educationally engaging activities that allowed them to explore and negotiate with each other in a collaborative setting is so positive.”

She congratulated Muna on her impending completion of her degree and wished her the best of luck on her graduation.

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