AAM Business Faculty Hosts General Insurance Course

1 year

The HCT-Al Ain Men’s campus’s (AAM) Faculty of Business hosted the UAE Insurance Authority’s Maharati (“My Skills’) program, which qualifies and trains UAE Nationals in free-of-charge insurance specialties across the UAE.

That training program has several stages, being this the first stage, the General Insurance stage. This course was offered to  students in the Finance major in the AAM Career Centre. Fifteen (15) students took part in this 30-hour course from 21-25 October. They were under the expert guidance of Mr. Anis Ataba, based in the UK and who has conducted the course across several locations of the UAE.

This course is particularly useful to our Finance major students who will take their examinations in Abu Dhabi on November 19. Insurance is a particular important industry of financial services, an industry expecting significant growth in the UAE in the years to come. Our student can take a career in insurance where there are many job opportunities.

Dr. Mariam Aldhaheri was warmly thanked for her efforts in promoting this course and who previously took this training, as well as pushing this initiative forward.

AAM recognized Dr. Ayesha Abdulla, Business Executive Dean who always supports the AAM Faculty of Business, as well as Mrs. Hamsa Saleh Al Ammari, campus Executive Director, who facilitated and supported the initiative.

Thanks was also given to Dr. Maen Odeh, Dean of Academic Operations, Dr. Pedro Longart, for his encouragement and active support, and Mr. Mohammed Fadul, Faculty of Business Administrative Assistant and to all AAM support staff.

The UAE Insurance Authority organized this training together with the British Chartered Insurance Authority, the largest training entity for insurance and financial services, with more than 100 years of experience and more than 120,000 members, trained in over 150 countries.

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