SJM Students Show Artistic Flair At Al Qasimiya Unversity Workshop With Sheikh Zayed Tribute

1 year

A group of HCT-Sharjah Men’s campus (SJM) students showed off their artistic flair and creativity when they participated in an innovative art workshop entitled the “Year of Zayed” at Al Qasimiya University.

HCT students used airbrush and white fiber sheets to make a three dimension portrait of Shaikh Zayed. They learned about the silkscreen printing and other techniques of using heat in cutting fiber for making three dimensional prototypes for innovations.

The workshop was presented by Mr. Abdul Jabbar Al Wais, supervisor of students’ artistic activities Al Qasimiya University. It was attended by Mr. Adil Hadeed and Mrs. Rasha Abou Samra, mentors of the SJM Arts and Innovation Club and by Sultan Al Hosany, Engineering student and a club member, who was a trainee in the workshop.