SJM Student Experiences Canadian Life as UAE’s Ambassadors Program 2018 Member

1 year

In July 2018, SJM student Majed Hassan Alawadhi, was selected as a member of the UAE Ambassadors Program 2018, which travelled to Halifax in Canada, to visit Dalhousie University in order to develop students’ skills in the field of research, innovation and leadership.

The trip was organized by the UAE Ministry of Education. Here is Majed’s personal account of the fascinating trip:

“I was chosen as an Ambassador of Higher Education, which comes from the program ‘Our Ambassadors’, launched by the Ministry of Education, which aims to develop the skills of students in the field of research, innovation, leadership and enhance the reputation of the UAE regionally and globally and consolidate its position among countries.

The Higher Education Ambassadors, who were 30 students from the Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE University, Zayed University and Khalifa University, were sent to Dalhousie University, Canada, from 15 July 2018 to 5 August 2018. The people who received us were very friendly and welcoming. And most of the specialists and doctors who taught us had experience in lecturing in the UAE through the Office of Presidential Affairs.

After we finished all the lessons for the course we presented our final projects to the teachers. A highlight was when Dalhousie University held a graduation ceremony for us, in the presence of important figures from the university, which was very enjoyable.

During our time there, we learned a great deal about the Halifax region in the southeast of Canada, which is internationally recognized as the top exporter of lobster to all countries of the world. As well, we went for many field trips, including to the famous Peggy’s Cove.

It was a very interesting educational and cultural trip for all of us, with the aim of promoting and enriching the creative, innovative and leadership capabilities of students and preparing them to face the challenges of the 21st century..

In summary I’m happy because I was a member of the UAE Ambassadors program 2018 to Halifax, Canada and I am very proud that I represented my country at Dalhousie University.”

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