SJM Engineering Students Learn Fire Hazard Management From The Experts

1 year

As part of Engineering course, EGN3333 (Health, Safety & Environment), HCT-Sharjah Men’s campus (SJM) Engineering faculty, Ayman Ramadan arranged a visit by Engineering students to Sharjah- Muwaileh Civil Defense Station.

The group has met there with Fire Dept Senior Officers Mr. Saeed Al Suwaidi and Eng. Mohammad Fadil, who delivered a professional presentation on the special practices used to control buildings and traffic fire accidents.

Students were informed about the response procedure by the fire brigade team to undertake rescue operations, and they were fortunate enough to witness the Civil Defense team demonstrate the modern Swiss-made hi-tech fire truck “ Rospen”, which implements advanced technologies of telemetry and thermographic detection of fire spots to optimize the automated operation of the fire extinguishing cannon nozzle.

The truck is equipped with a range of state-of-art hazard control equipment including power ladders, rechargeable and hydraulic  beam cutters, air bags, multi-function rescue tool, etc.  Students were trained to operate some rescue equipment.

Students were educated about how crucial is to minimize the reach out time to the accident site, with the aim to evacuate and rescue endangered people and mitigating the property damages.  Eng. Mohammad Fadil described the best practices to achieve prompt deployment of crew using a combination of light 4×4 SUV cars as well as fire engines.

Mr. Ayman and students enjoyed the visit and asked a range of questions to enrich their knowledge on fire hazard control. At the end of the visit, Mr. Ayman, and the students expressed thanks to Sharjah- Muwaileh Civil Defense Team for this constructive field learning experience.