SJM Boosts Graduates’ Career Prospects With Tawteen Activities

2 years

The HCT-Sharjah Men’s campus (SJM) is encouraging Tawteen, by engaging students in the workshops presented by employers on campus.

Different students from different faculties, all of whom are studying innovation and entrepreneurship, attended this workshop to plan for their future career after graduation from HCT.

At the end of the course they are requested to write and present their personal business plans. Attending such events encourages students to ask questions about the professional life and their future opportunities.

CIS student, Salem Mohamed, asked about the possibility of applying online and about conditions of Tawteen. Representatives of Tawteen elaborated that there is a great chance to apply through the Abu Dhabi Tawteen website, and that their staff is ready to send back their occupational opportunities and ask for personal interviews as needed.

Attendees were told it is preferred that students have a CGPA greater than 3, to be able to get the opportunity of sponsorship before graduation.

Engineering student, Salem Taleb asked about internship opportunities, to which the representative answered that there is an opportunity for getting internship and, if during the internship period, there is a positive feedback about the trainee’s performance, it is highly possible that they will become an employee.

Students were thankful for giving them the opportunity to ask about what they want and to know more about Tawteen.