RKM Students Help Others by Volunteering at Cancer Prevention & International Heart Day

1 year

HCT-RAK Men’s campus (RKM) students happily lent support to their local community by volunteering during the events to mark Cancer prevention & International Heart Day, which conducted at RAK’s Manar Mall, on September 13 and 20, 2018.

This event was organized by Ministry of Health, particularly the Saif Obiad Alla Hospital, and the RKM student volunteers were so excited to participate and gained new experiences during the two days.

Their task was to guide people to the station for blood pressure and blood sugar testing and assessments. At the same time volunteers recorded all participants’ information, particularly those with health issues, which will be shared with the Ministry of Health.

The event was a great community service opportunity for the RKM volunteering students. It added value to their skills, such as communication skills and self-confidence, while feeling proud of themselves to assist UAE society where needed.