RAK Campuses Host Informative Brain-Storming Session with Parents

8 months


To ensure their full involvement and participation in the students’ academic success, parents of HCT-RAK Foundations students were invited to attend a workshop offered by RAK campuses’ Executive Director Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari.

Around 70 fathers and mothers attended the workshop; the aim being to encourage parents to share their suggestions, ideas, concerns, hopes and dreams regarding their children’s academic success at HCT and their post-graduation vocational success, in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Parents spoke honestly and openly about what they think to be the best ways to help their children pass the Foundations Program, choose the proper major, graduate with high grades and confidently enter the job market to start their lives after college with a stable career.

The brain storming session engaged most parents and led to serious discussion about some valid concerns which concluded in multiple proposals to the RAK campuses’ management.

Dr. Yahya send an inspiring message to encourage parents to communicate with the colleges any time to raise their any concerns relating to their children.