HCT Launches 12 Academic Success Centers to Boost Students’ Learning Skills

1 year

The HCT has inaugurated 12 Academic Success Centers in its campuses across the UAE, achieving one of its key strategic goals to support students’ academic performance and success, as part of the five-year in line with HCT 2.0 Strategic Plan (2017-2021) .

Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi, HCT President and CEO, said enhancing student success and supporting academic excellence are key HCT strategic goals.

He added that the 12 centers were launched by HCT to provide academic and training services for students and improve their performance, particularly the “at-risk” and Foundations students, who will be aided by a smooth transition from general education to higher education.

“These Centers also attract outstanding students by providing training workshops that enhance their future skills and competencies. The outstanding students serve as tutors to help and guide other students through the ‘Peer Tutoring’ program,” Dr. Al Shamsi said.

Dr. Al Shamsi pointed out that these centers were established to meet actual student needs, which were assessed through a program of continuous follow-ups of their performance and progress. He praised the efforts of faculty, staff and students who contributed to the successful operation of the Academic Success Centers and promised they will receive recognition and incentive awards for their efforts.

Mr. Rami Hamdan, Director of General Academic Requirements Division, said the Academic Success Centers welcomed more than 8,000 male and female students during the spring and summer semesters of the 2017/2018 academic year.

Some students required preparing academic development plans, while others needed help in implementing projects and scientific subjects, he added. Overall, excellent results were achieved since the inception of the centers in the spring semester of the 2017-2018 academic year.

“The centers measure students’ progress after providing the training and guidance in order to assess their need for future help,” Mr. Hamdan said.

He added that students are referred to the centers by their teachers based on assessments, made in cooperation with the HCT’s Academic Affairs and Student Affairs departments. In addition, the centers also advertise a range of workshops and courses aimed at all HCT students.

Mr. Hamdan said that an e-program is also being developed to facilitate access to students who need support, based on the evaluation made by their teachers.

Paulo Rosetti, Head of the HCT Student Success Program, said that HCT faculty were volunteering to teach students in the Academic Success Centers, along with outstanding students who contribute their time and knowledge under the Peer Tutoring Program.

“Since the establishment of the centers, 140 faculty members put in 2,500 teaching hours, while 150 students have put in 650 teaching hours. All contributors will be recognized and granted awards. The student tutors, who are required to demonstrate academic commitment and rigor, are taking training courses to qualify them to teach their peers,” Mr. Rosetti said.

In addition to these initiatives, there is a plan to offer special programs through the centers where students can earn professional certificates aligned to relevant 21st century skills.