AAW Students Spoilt For Choice at Meet and Greet: Students Clubs Event

1 year

The HCT Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) organized a presentation of student clubs called “Meet and Greet: Students Clubs”, on September 25, 2018, which enabled AAW students to join extra-curricular activities suiting their diverse interests.

The event included the following 10 clubs:

  1. Ukulele and Music Club

Students will learn new musical skills and perform at a competent level. While learning this specific, challenging skill, they will also develop competencies in many other areas. These soft skills are important in further developing students’ long-term academic success. The relationship between academic performance and musical competency has been well documented in academic research.

  1. Sports Club

This club is going to focus on helping students achieve a healthy, athletic lifestyle. Students will register to help organize sports events around the year.

  1. Ounak Club

This club emphasizes the traditional traits of Emirati culture and aims at reviving them by teaching them to this generation.

  1. Happiness Club

Discover and develop our different positive character strengths and strengthen our relationships. We also learn to manage our problems, reduce stress, boost confidence, and accomplish our goals.

  1. Professional Accounting Club

Offers accounting related subjects to students.

  1. Book to Movie Club

Students choose a book or a movie to read and discuss.

  1. UAV Club

The Aeronautical Engineering Technology (AET) Program at AAW has started the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) club on campus. The club mainly aims to allow its participants/members to be engaged in many activities that are related to the design, building, and flying of different types of aerial systems. The club is supervised by Eng. Youssef Matter. There are currently 42 members in the club. All AAW students are welcome to join the club.  The long-term objectives of the UAV club is to develop the students’ skills and to enhance their understanding and abilities of designing and flying of RC fixed-wing and rotary-wing airplanes.

Having provided the members of the club with the necessary experience, members will be able to participate in UAV competitions at the national and international levels. The UAV club is funded by a special grant awarded by the Boeing International Company.

  1. Personality Grooming Club

This club enhances the soft skills of students in order to make them ready for the employment market as well as for internships.

  1. Korean Club

Students discuss and enjoy Korean culture, food, music, and language.

  1. ART Club

This club is for students who are interested in all kinds of drawing (digital and manual). At present, students are printing their final drawings onto mobile phone covers.

11. Reading Club

The club aims to encourage students to read and develop their higher order and critical thinking skills. We are committed to growing and adapting our activities to meet the emerging needs of our students. The Reading Club is a reading initiative that will allow us to encourage and guide our students to develop the habit of reading and strengthen their communication skills

12. Talk Masters – Spoken Communication Club

The club will develop students’ speaking skills, raise their awareness of language, conscious perception and sensitivity in practising English. It will allow students to cultivate their interest in spoken communication in an informal environment, without the pressure of being graded.


Each club prepared question and answer sessions for the students to participate in, along with offering gifts and prizes for event participants. Furthermore, all who visited the meet and greet event had a chance to participate in the “Go Green” initiative, in which anyone who brought five plastic bags received a gift of a reusable tote bag.

Hala Shaabani, Student Services Officer, commented: “This event is a great opportunity to give the staff and faculty a chance to interact with students in an atmosphere outside of their studies, which I think creates a strong bond between them. It also boosts the student life on campus.”


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