HCT Campuses Welcome 5800 Fresh Students for Start of New Academic Year

12 months

The HCT’s 2018-19 academic year started with great activity, as its 16 campuses welcomed 5800 new students on an action-packed Orientation Day on August 28, 2018.

The day offered numerous new interactive activities to introduce students to the range of academic programs on offer, as well as a pleasing entrée to student life at HCT.

Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi, HCT President and CEO, expressed his pleasure with the enrolment of 5,800 new students, which is an increase of 17% from the previous academic year. He stated that this increase reflects the excellent reputation of HCT and its quality, applied education, especially under its new HCT 2.0 strategy (2017-2021), where students will be awarded two qualifications, an academic one issued by HCT and a professional certificate issued by an internationally recognized awarding body.

Dr. Al Shamsi met with many of the new students, affirming to them their privileges as HCT students, including state-of-the-art facilities and services, which support their high-quality applied education and industry-relevant work placement opportunities. He urged students to optimize their time in HCT, to achieve academic excellence and meet the expectations of the UAE’s leadership that affirms the importance of producing highly qualified and skilled graduates for the future.

Mr. Ahmed Al Mulla, Director of Student Affairs, said this year’s orientation day included many facets that gave a clear picture of the academic life of new students, to enable a successful transition from general education to higher education. He noted HCT students have the opportunity to meet with campus directors to discuss academic programs and resources at HCT, as well as to visit a HCT graduates’ projects exhibition that portrays the skills learnt at HCT.

Mr. Al Mulla added that for the first time the new students were able to enroll online in their courses and organize their time tables independently under the supervision of an academic advisor, rather than receiving pre-prepared materials.

He further explained that the new students were introduced to student clubs, activities and facilities that will enhance their skills and enrich their college experience. They were also introduced to the mandatory volunteering work program which requires them to complete 100 volunteer hours prior to graduation. The Determines ones were also introduced to the special services offered at HCT to facilitate their academic success.

Many graduates from different specializations participated at the campuses during the event, while easy-to-access e-Services were provided to students, providing them with the required academic information.

The HCT campuses hosted many students and events during the day, including the following.



The HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) welcomed almost 400 new students at a full day orientation program for Semester 1 of the new academic year.

The orientation was a combined effort on behalf of the devoted team of AAW staff and faculty lead by the Student Life Assistant Manager, Al Jazia Al Otaibi, and her supportive team working closely with the Engagement and Outreach department and the CS Communication department team. The aim of the orientation was for students to have a fun and productive first day, as well as to enrich their knowledge.

The day started by welcoming students at the organized registration desks, handing each student her college ID card with a welcoming kit and having them directed by AAW volunteering students to the Auditorium.

Mrs. Hamsa Al Ammari, Al Ain campuses director, said: “It brings me joy and pride to see the full number of new students attending their first day of orientation,” she said. “This shows your dedication and respect for time. Here at AAW we appreciate all the small details and we encourage students, nourish them, and watch them grow to become successful Emirati women who one day will become role models across the whole community of the UAE.”

“Today is your first day here so you’ll receive a full orientation from all our hardworking departments, and we are always here to help you and our current students. Please refer to any one of us if you have questions or need help. I hope you enjoy the activities we prepared for you all and spend a good day with us,” she added.

A highlight of the day was an activity for the students, called “let’s get to know you”. This activity aimed at getting to know the new students and giving them the chance to learn something about each other. Each group of students was handed a ball, and the ball should be thrown to a student and the student should give three pieces of information about herself. The activity was fun for the students, while staff and faculty were encouraged to participate and join the students.

After the fun activity the event carried on with presentations from a representative of the following departments explaining their services

After all the departments had made their presentations, the students were taken on a tour around the campus to introduce them to all the facilities on the campus (student clinic, gym, student majlis, student activity center) along with a visit to each department. Here, each Program Chair had organized a small orientation of their own program as students walked into 4 class rooms, each class representing a major at AAW (Business, Education, Engineering and CIS).

Students then gathered in the Auditorium after their tour to start another activity which was a team building activity. This activity brought a large amount of laughter and fun to everyone.

The day ended with lunch and a feeling of enthusiasm from students, staff and faculty for the next day.




The Al Moltaqa day was aimed at helping new students adapt to the change from high school to university life; providing them with the information they need to begin their college experience, as well as introducing them to the wide range of academic, intellectual, cultural, and social experiences available to them at the college.

In his welcome speech to the new students, Dr. Abdulla Al Suwaiji, SJM Director, congratulated the young men on joining the HCT family and wished them a bright future ahead. He also congratulated them on their decision to join HCT and asked them to play a role, after graduating, in the development of their country in order to fulfill the aspirations of the UAE leadership to make the UAE one of the best countries in the world.

Dr Al Suwaiji called on students to focus on their studies, be responsible for their learning and choose the right majors that both suit their talents and interests and are relevant to the needs of the labor market. He also urged them to take part in the extracurricular activities which play an important role in the development of the students’ skills and character.

Highlights of the Orientation Day’s activities included an information session with experienced supervisors, alumni talk, assisting in registration, team building session and students were informed about college requirements, services, and resources.




The program started with registration and EID scanning then distributing the pack which includes important documents. The program started at 9:00 AM with Dr. Abdulla Al Suwiji speech, then Dr. Amna Al Obeidli spoke about student life. Then, program chairs talked briefly about their programs. Then, Academic Services spoke about important rules such as attendance, registration and graduation. The program ended with team building activities and tours around the campus.




The HCT-Ras Al Khaimah campuses welcomed over 711 students through its doors for the start of the 2018-2019 academic year. The first day saw a large numbers of new students in both campuses wishing to have a new academic year full of enthusiasm and achievements.

They have welcomed the new students with warm hearts and giving them some positive talks about the new academic year and their new journey. In RKW they have served some healthy snacks with fresh juice to reduce their stress for first day, however for RKM they have served modern coffee from “Boutega Café” led by local citizen.

In addition to these impressive student numbers, RAKC promised their new students to have a full year of success and fun student life.

The Orientation included a formal welcome from the college director Dr. Yahya Al Ansari and senior management in the respective college auditorium as well as following up with the nspiration/motivation speech by one of the star gradates Ms. Saeeda Hassan who is a distinguished graduates and Abdulrahman Mohammed Alwan Alshehhei who is a distinguished graduates as well.

The Student Life team, led by Randa Al Zaabi the Student Life Supervisor, continued the day with an introduction to student life on the campus. This talk included an explanation of the Code of Conduct and the Student Handbook, as well as an outline of important rules and regulations.

Dr. Yahya Alnsaari conducted a workshop titled Motivating Future Leaders for new students during the day which enhances positive and important guidelines on how to start a new academic year with clear mind and motivation.

He strongly focused on remembering how to be self-motivated, as he said: “To become an effective leader, you must be self-motivated. You must know your identity, your needs and you must have a strong urge to do anything to achieve your goals and to set up your mind and draw a plan for a great future.”

He was giving them challenging questions to reveal their capabilities as well as develop their critical thinking skills and creativity. As he said; “that will improve their confidence and this goes a long way toward enhancing their commitment to the future”.

The RAK campuses promised their new students to have a full year of success and fun student life.