AAW Students Chart their Futures at Academic Program Majors Assembly

11 months

Students at the HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) have been given an in-depth introduction to the range of academic programs available, after the college recently held its first Program Assembly of the new academic year.

It was also an opportunity for AAW’s management team, led by Mrs. Hamsa Saleh Al Ammari, Executive Director-Al Ain Campuses, to welcome new and returning students. In attendance were all Program Chairs, faculty members, and Student Services members.

The programs dealt with during the assemblies were Aeronautical Engineering Technology (AET), Business, Computer Information Science (CIS), Education and Foundations.

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CIS Assembly

On September 4, 2018, the CIS division organized the CIS student assembly. The event started with a welcome note from Douglas Henderson, Manager of Academic Services & Advising at AAW. It was followed by a presentation by Ms. Ranya Mohamed, Senior Health and Safety Officer. The presentation was about the emphasis on the importance of the various health and safety guidelines, procedures and policies.

After the health and safety presentation, Dr. Yasir Javed, CIS Division Chair, discussed the majors offered at AAW. Dr. Javed also emphasized the utilization of various tools and resources available to the students on the HCT portal for monitoring and tracking their academic progress to ensure timely graduation.

Ms. Ban Al Omar addressed some important topics, such as understanding the importance of maintaining one’s GPA and the attendance policy. Ms. Ban also explained the definition of various terms like Academic probation, P1, P2 etc. She advised the students to follow the recommendations of their advisors.

Dr. Yasir ended the proceedings after inviting students to participate in the activities organized by the CIS club, as well as offering them the opportunity to compete in events like Think Science and Emirates Skills.


Business Assembly

The Business Student assembly then proceeded to promote transparency and provide useful information to all Business students. The Business Faculty at AAW met with Business students during week three of this semester.

Students from different specializations and levels assembled in the college’s auditorium to listen to an update on the program’s structure, policies and plans. The meeting, which was attended by Business faculty and college management, was a chance to welcome the new students and professors who have just joined Al Ain Women’s campus.

Mrs. Hamsa Saleh, Executive Director of Al Ain Campuses, addressed the assembly with encouraging words and reminded students of the important role they play in the success of their educational journey. She reiterated the importance of open communication between all college stakeholders and encouraged the students to discuss their academic issues transparently with their advisors and faculty members.

Amongst the many policies that were addressed and explained by the Business Division Chair, Dr. Khwaja Mansoor Khan, special emphasis was placed on the main policy changes that have been recently implemented, including the new program offered called Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The meeting also addressed the volunteer issue. Miss Khadeja Al Ghaithi explained how students can apply for volunteer opportunities, where to follow up with those activities, and why it is important for students to finish specific volunteer hours in order to graduate.

While addressing students who are in their second year in business, Miss Mariam Al Azeezi clarified work placment related issues. Within her presentation she explained the new policy that students should do work placment training twice; after the fourth and seventh semesters. Miss Al Azeezi added that the career department could help students to prepare their CVs and direct them for opening opportunites either in the government or private sector.

In addition to the above, Mr. Sabri Al Mansi directed the students to whom they should communicate with in the case of special issues. In his speech, Mr. Al Mansi motivated the students to think in positive way, to be open for new ideas and to visit him for counselling regarding their academic issues.

At the end of the assembly, Miss. Ranya introduced the importance of health and saftey regulations within HCT. She further clarified the contacts numbers in case of emergency.


Foundations Assembly

More than 300 new and returning students attended the first Foundations assembly of the Academic Year at Al Ain Women’s, which was held on Monday 10 September.

The Foundations English Academic Coordinator, Mr. Stephen Aston, was the first to speak. After welcoming the assembled students, he explained the aims of the Foundations English program and gave some useful information about the courses. He emphasized that the principal goal of the Foundations program is to help students develop their language skills, in order to reach the level needed to study in the Bachelor programs.

After that, the college’s Senior Officer for Health and Safety, Miss Ranya Mohammed, gave a brief overview of the safety procedures that all students, faculty and staff should follow so as to minimize the risk of any dangerous situation arising. Then the college Student Counsellor, Mr. Sabri Al Mansi, briefly outlined his role and responsibilities. He encouraged students facing any kind of learning or psychological problems to seek help.

“The assembly was a great way to meet all the Foundations students and give them some important information about their program and about college life,” stated Mr. Aston. “I was pleased with the enthusiastic attitude of the new students and I look forward to another successful academic year!”

The registration and academic tools were explained by Mr. Mohamad Muflehi. He also demonstrated how to access the academic records and degree audits.  Ms. Khadija also informed the students about volunteer work and the different student services the college provides. Finally, the new students were encouraged to work hard and make steady progress toward their dream of becoming the next generation of aeronautical engineers.


Engineering Technology Assembly

On September 12, 2018 the Aeronautical engineering Program held its 210810 Assembly which was attended by Mrs. Hamsa Saleh, Executive Director of Al Ain campuses, students and AET faculty.

The main focus of the assembly was the HCT 2.0 hybrid syllabi, which will be implemented from this semester. Dr. Aman Melake presented the six components of the hybrid learning model and its relevance to the students. The main goal is to make the Aeronautical Engineering program the first choice for undergraduate Engineering students and equip them with the tools and skills relevant to the aviation industry.

The students were excited to learn that the hybrid syllabi ensures preparation for their professional certifications, which are highly valued by employers.They were also informed that their work readiness will be enhanced with an additional work placement course.

Aisha Fares, a senior student who recently undertook the work placement program, shared her good experiences in working with Air Horizon Academy, with the students. The students were updated on the status of the Aeronautical Engineering labs and workshops, which will be instrumental for the implementation of the hybrid syllabi components.

These changes in the syllabi, and their implementation, will give the students a competitive advantage in the job market. the new syllabi also bridge the gap between scientific theories and engineering practices. This helps the Aeronautical Engineering program to play its role in keeping the HCT promise of 100% employability of HCT graduates.

The registration and academic tools were explained by Mr. Mohamad Muflehi. He also demonstrated how to access the academic records and degree audits.  Ms. Khadija also informed the students about volunteer work and the different student services the college provides. Finally, the new students were encouraged to work hard and make steady progress toward their dream of becoming the next generation of aeronautical engineers.


Education Assembly

On Wednesday September 19th, Mrs. Hamsa Saleh, Executive Director of Al Ain campuses, and all the Education Faculty at Al Ain Women’s welcomed the students taking the Bachelor of Education to the new academic year.

The event began with the Director addressing the gathered students and reminding them of their privilege in their choice of major as it entails the nation having trust in them as guardians and teachers of future generations of Emirati children.

The centerpiece of the assembly was an informative and enjoyable game led by Ms. Sozan Saeed which allowed different groups of students to share their knowledge of the education program and its requirements. This allowed the more experienced and knowledgeable students to mix with newcomers and less experienced students.

This was followed by Ranya Mohamed, from the AAW’s Health and Safety committee, who discussed practical concerns regarding staying safe in college.  The final, short presentation concerned the help and support that students can receive from the College Counsellor. This was very helpful and the broad range of problems that students might face were discussed, followed by how they can find help to solve them.

Dr. Neil Hunt, AAW Program Chair of Education, commented: “This was a stimulating and supportive meeting for our students.  It emphasized how much support they will receive in college and the expectations that their teachers have for their work in the coming months.”