RAK Campuses’ TSP Instructors Achieve International Award

1 year

On 5 July 2018, eleven Technical Studies Programme (TSP) Instructors from the HCT-RAK campuses were presented with the NCFE Level-3 Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement.

This is an internationally recognised award, and essential for Assessors working in the field of vocational education.

Senior management members from the HCT-RAK Women’s (RKW) and Men’s (RKM) were on hand to present the awards.

Many congratulations go to the following instructors:

  • Aaesha Al Dhuhoori, Aaesha Suwaid
  • Ahmed Mohamed
  • Alya Al Hebsi
  • Fatema Al Hebsi
  • Fatema Al Suwaidi
  • Jamila Al-Shehhi
  • Mousa Sweidan
  • Mouza Al Khanbouli
  • Nahla Al-Ali
  • Tauqeer Faiz