RAK Campuses Award Active Campus Student Council Members

2 years

On Monday July 2, 2018, the HCT-RAK campuses management team, led by Director Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari, showed their appreciation and thanks to the Campus Student Council members for their hard work in the campus and effort by engaging students in campus life activities.

The event was to award and thank the best and active members who spear-headed many happiness initiatives and created a positive environment for the student body, by hosting different kinds of activities.

They were also recognized for their efforts in working closely with the RAK campuses’ students to hear their suggestions and issues, and ideas to improve college life.


RKW Active Student Council Members:

  • Shayma Ahmed Mohamed AlHesbi
  • Shaikha Mohamed Saif AlZaabi
  • Mahrah Mohammed Ali AlShemeili
  • Mahra Khaled Rashed AlZaabi
  • Aamna Abdulla Mohamed AlShehhi
  • Ameena Ahmed Abdulla Qadah Alshehhi
  • Fatema Mohammed Rashed Mushourab Alhebsi






RKM Active Student Council Members:

  • Ali Mohammed Humaid Bin Hashel Altenaiji
  • Omar Abdulla Hasan Ali Almansoori
  • Mohammed Saeed Mohammed Saeed Alshehhi