AAW Gives Thanks & Farewells at End-of-Year Staff Gathering

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Amid laughter, congratulations and the occasional tear, the HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) hosted its annual end-of-year staff gathering on Wednesday, July 4th, 2018.

The meeting started with a welcoming address from Mrs. Hamsa Saleh Al Ammari, AAW Director. “Al Ain Women’s has had great success in 2017-2018 thanks to your hard teamwork and commitment to supplying the needs of our students and putting them on the top of your list as your main priority,” Mrs. Hamsa said.

The event then saw Mrs. Hamsa announcing and awarding the AAW Employees of the Month, as follows:

January Ban Al Omar CIS Lecturer
February Tracey Caterine

Brigid Wheelahan

Foundation Instructor

Foundation Instructor

March David Waugh Education Lecturer
April Hajer Alnuaimi Teaching Assistant
May Omar Badran Business Lecturer
June Hind AlDhaheri Event Management snr officer


A team-building exercise then started where all faculty & staff members attempted to stand on one leg for one minute. This was harder than it sounded as everyone stumbled and couldn’t maintain their balance for the required time. The fun exercises continued as faculty/staff were then asked to hold hands while trying to stand on one leg. Amazingly, everyone then managed to keep standing for more than one minute. This exercise delivered the team-working message that by working as a team we achieve much more than working as individuals.

The Health and Safety Committee prepared a fun and beneficial exercise, where they displayed a video of some common unsafe hazards in a workplace and then asked everyone to answer questions about what they had learned.

A farewell video of 17 departing AAW faculty and staff was then shown and awards were distributed to the leaving employees from each of their program chairs.

Another team-building exercise introduced by Mrs. Hamsa Al Ammari was also undertaken, which saw faculty and staff gathering in groups of five. Each group was given a set of plastic cups and 5 threads gathered in one rubber band. The idea was for each member of the group to hold one thread and all members work together to pick up the plastic cups using the rubber band and try to build the highest tower. The exercise was challenging and very much enjoyed by everyone.

The last activity of the meeting was a birthday celebration for the faculty and staff who were born in June and July of 2018.

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