AAM Foundations Students Lauded for Hard Work & Positivity

1 year

The HCT-Al Ain Men’s (AAM) Foundations program organized an End of Year Assembly during the last week of cycle 5 to recognize students’ hard work and positive attitude toward studying.

the ceremony was attended by members of the AAM management team, Foundations faculty members and students.

Dr. Yahya Alansaari, AAM Director, congratulated students who already passed the Foundations program and had entered the Bachelor program of their choice. He, also, wished the rest of students a very successful final exam.

Hasan Toubat, AAM Foundations Program Coordinator, thanked students and teachers for their consistent hard work and for their distinguished contribution to college life events.

The assembly was concluded with honoring the best three students in each of the academic achievement, attendance, and attitude toward studying areas. Dr. Yahya distributed recognition certificates and prizes for 12 Foundations distinguished students.

Students were very happy and thankful for organizing this initiative. The celebration was concluded with a photo of honored students and another photo with all teachers and attendees.

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