RKW Emirati Studies Students Celebrate Eid Al Fitr Through the Joy of Words

2 years

Emirati studies students at the HCT-Ras Al Khaimah Women’s campus (RKW) showed the power of words when they distributed a range of cards to staff and faculty to celebrate Eid Al Fitr.

This initiative was managed by Dr. Badria Al Shamsi, and the students happily went through all sections of RKW to distribute happy words and to encourage a celebration of the positive Eid vibes.

Dr. Badria said these kinds of initiatives also motivate students to communicate more with the college environment, and all staff and faculty were very happy they have shared positive vibes among all.

Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari, HCT-RAK campuses Acting Director and AAM Director, was very pleased with the students’ initiative, saying such student-created initiatives were always greatly appreciated.