AAW Aeronautical Engineering Students Go Hi-Tech with NAVCON Aerospace R & D Center Visit

1 year

A group of HCT-Al Ain Women’s (AAW) Aeronautical Engineering Technology (AET) students and faculty got a first-hand experience of how hi-tech the aviation industry is when they visited the NAVCON Aerospace Research & Development Center, based in Al Ain, on June 5, 2018.

NAVCON Aerospace is a technologically advanced company specializing in the development of customized software solutions for the aviation industry. It develops, delivers and supports state-of-the-art solutions to the aviation industry. It was recognised as the Most Innovative Aviation Product Solution Provider 2018 in the UAE Business Awards.

Some of the company’s activities are:

  • CBTs/WBTs – Computer Based Training
  • Interactive e-Manuals (IeM)
  • Virtual Trainers – Virtual & Augmented Reality Trainers
  • Solutions for both civil and military operators.

The visit was part of the AAW’s extensive Work Placement Program, and NAVCON Aerospace was sourced as a potential Work Placement participant by Kellye Blackburn, AAW Senior Specialist Career Coach, to assist AET students gain valuable industry experience and know-how. AAW sees NAVCON Aerospace as an ideal partner in driving the success of the HCT 2.0’s Hybrid Education Model.

NAVCON Aerospace is a high-tech company and develops new-generation simulation and interaction products for the training of various procedures in a variety of aviation domains. They develop Virtual Activity Trainers and Simulation Software that range from basic 2D/3D trainers, to the most advanced level trainers, which can be developed and customized to customer specific requirements. It also develops custom-made software solutions for all businesses or operational processes of any aviation organization, including:

  • Flight Operations Management Systems
  • Aviation Training Management Systems
  • Safety Management Solutions (Safetal)
  • Edrak Learning Management Systems
  • Resource Management Systems

The AAW Work Placement Program is supervised by Mr. Munir Al Jabri, Aviation Expert at NAVCON Aerospace, and currently there are four AAW students undertaking the placement program, being Sara Nosrati, Noura Alkhoori, Mashael Alkaabi, and Meera Alkaabi.  Meera Alshamsi, a recent AAW AET graduate, has embarked on an internship with NAVCON Aerospace.

AAW has already received very positive feedback on the program from the students, which they said is relevant to expanding their aeronautical knowledge through experiential learning and through revision of their daily logbooks.