Students & Faculty Share Wisdom at RAK Campuses’ CIS Student Research Day

10 months

The HCT-Ras Al Khaimah campuses were the venue for the Computer Information Science (CIS) Research Day on April 29, the aim of which was for students to generate knowledge and understanding of various research activities within emerging technologies, and to give them the chance to defend their research topic in a professional manner.

Students enjoyed the event and their feedback was they become more confident about their research after discussing their research with others. The day start with welcoming remarks from Dr. Nathir Alrawashdeh, RAK Dean of Academic Operations.

The event’s distinguished guest speaker was Professor Amjad Omar from RAKAU who spoke about Adaptive Street Light LED Dimming and Diagnostics using IoT.

The CIS students have the opportunity to discuss their research with faculty and management, as well as display their research posters relating to various emerging technologies such as Smart cities, IoT, MOOCs, Mobile learning, self-driving car, and Virtual Reality.

The HCT attendees were Dr. Ali Al Mansoori, DVC of Campus Operations, Dr. Nathir Alrawashdeh, Maryam Alhaffeet, Taleb Obaid, Safeyya Al Hebsi, Tarek Noamene, Kulaithem Alkhatri, Belsam Attalla, Walid Banihani, Murad Iqbal, Ali Khalil, Khalid Anjum, Pedro Flores, Elezabeth Mathew, Muna Al Nuaimi, Moza Almazrouei and about 40 CIS students from both campuses.

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