SJW Happiness Club Paints Campus in Colors of Happiness

2 years

The SJW “Journey to Happiness” started on March 12, 2018, with a focus on a healthy mind. The Happiness club organized- Mindfulness session offered by the college counselors Ms. Kholoud and Dr. Lavina, Zazen Meditation session provided by Ms. Anamika Vajpeyi and the Laughter Yoga session organized by Ms. Kristina Kinsella.

On March 13, the journey to happiness took an academic turn when, a panel discussion on “Happiness in the UAE” was offered to the staff and students by the panelists Dr. Amna Alobeidli, Dr. Neda Salazar, Mr. Gabor Andrasi, Dr. Lavina Ahuja, Ms. Kholoud Abdelkhaliq and Ms. Anamika Vajpeyi. The Happiness club members organized an e-poster competition on this day, which was mentored by Ms. Krisztina Liwa, Ms. Carmelina Monteiro, and Dr. Kausar Saida, who proofread and edited the posters.

On March 18, the Happiness journey was on the food trail, when Food for Happiness competition” was co-mentored by Dr. Sumaiya Waqas and Dr. SophyAmna Alobeidli, Ms. Safeya Haikal, Ms. Parminder Gill and Dr. Sophy Thomson.

On March 19, the Happiness journey took a sporty twist, when the sports coach Ms. Hannah Willis offered a Zumba session, and the student instructor Mariam Abdulrahman Ibrahim Mohamed Alzarooni showed us how to kick off the stress by practicing the Korean martial art of Taekwondo.

On March 20, the happiness club members colored the SJW in the colors of happiness during the “Colors of Happiness festival.” Students enjoyed this opportunity to de-stress themselves after a long week of midterm exams. They enjoyed an afternoon of good music, vibrant colors and of course lots of laughter

The Happiness Club will like to thank the Student Life department, the Giving Club and the Sustainability club for their inputs, collaboration, and support.




Photo 3-18-18, 10 25 40 AM