SJM Foundations Students Learn Team-building Through Sports Tournament

2 years

The HCT-Sharjah Men’s campus (SJM) has harnessed the positive side effects of team sports to host a special NCHR team-building class for the SJM Foundations students.

Of the wide array of possible activities that could have been done there, the clear popular choices were football and volleyball, although billiards was a fun choice for some students.

Teams were formed according to the students’ classes, which in turn enhanced the team-building spirit. Even some teachers formed a team to compete in the football and volleyball games.



The very well organised sporting competition had a fun and even festive atmosphere, where all students participated in some form of team activities, including cheering on their classmates or filling in as a substitute from time to time. The event lasted for three hours, but it felt much shorter than that as everyone was really enjoying being there and participating in the various activities.

At the end of all the activities, everybody who was present received a well-deserved medal for their part in making the event so successful. The point learned for all was that everybody doing their own part for the group, they make themselves stronger. In the future there may be more team building activities to emphasise that point.