Show Me The (Money) Jobs – AAM’S Hosts UAE Exchange Company

10 months

The HCT-Al Ain Men’s (AAM) Career Services department hosted the  Company,on May 1,2018, as part of its Employer on Campus initiative, which attracted about 70 students from different majors.

The event helped students to speak with Mr. AbdulHakim, UAE Exchange Emiratization Manager, on the employment opportunities available for them with the company. in addition, students were made aware of the company’s initiative in which it provides students with the chance to work with the company according to a flexible schedule that suits their study timetables.

The AAM students were so impressed with what was offered that many students from the different programs in the college submitted their CVs for employment and part time jobs after being apprised of all relevant aspects.

“Employer on Campus is a great way for candidates to in tract with employers before the hiring process begins. It allows the candidates to see the company culture and get to know them before they read the resumes. I am excited to be launching this event and looking forward to positive outcome from the event,”, Sana Tobeh, AAM Senior Specialist Students Career and Work Placement, said.

UAE Exchange has employment and part-time opportunities open to students from all majors. The company representative appreciated the chance given to them to meet the students and took their time answering all students questions and inquiries. It was a very productive event which was highly appreciated by students and the faculty.

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