RKW Celebrates the Joy & Fun of Haq Al Layla

8 months

The Happiness Spirit Club at HCT-Ras Al Khaimah Women’s campus (RKW) hosted a fun and active celebrations for local children to mark Haq al Layla celebration and the joy of the holy month of Ramadan.

The club members spread the atmosphere of the tradition among RKW students and employees by inviting external schools and nurseries to join in the fun, as well as organizing lots of different activities such as distributing candies, juices, chocolates and some traditional food.

The main objective of this event was to let the students, staff, and faculty relive their childhood memories, and to experience the culture of the UAE.

Haq Al Lila 1 Haq Al Lila 2Haq Al Lila 3


Haq Al Lila 6 Haq Al Lila 7 Haq Al Lila 8

Haq Al Lila 9

Haq Al Lila 4