RKW Arabic & Emirati Studies Faculty Hosts Scientific Writing Workshop

11 months

Dr. Abdul Qader Fahim Sheibani, Assistant Professor in Arabic & Emirati Studies at the HCT-Ras Al Khaimah Women’s campus (RkW), organized a workshop on May 13, to assist students and faculty to professional write academic papers.

The workshop, entitled Appliances of Writing the Scientific Article, was within the framework and guidelines of the Ministry of Interior, which encourages greater scientific research.

At the start of the workshop, Dr. Abdul Qader referred to the current definitions of what scientific research is, and then the steps of selecting the subject, and then setting the title and specifying the plan.

Dr. Abdul Qader explained the elements of the scientific paper in terms of the methodology of writing the presentation presented and then the conclusion, while explaining in the most important aspect of writing the scientific article, being quotations, by explaining the cases and types of quotations. He also referred to the mechanisms of coordinating the writing of the scientific article, with reference to the methods and mechanisms of coding research references.

Dr. Abdul Qader concluded his workshop with some moral and scientific advice that should be enjoyed by the author of the scientific article and covered some of the special experiences in the completion and delivery of research.

At the end of the workshop, Dr. Abdul Qader answered many questions, while students inquired about the points raised in the presentation.

Dr. Abdul Qader was honored by the leadership of the Civil Defense Authority, and looked forward to further cooperative arrangements with the Higher Colleges of Technology.

صورة من عنوان ورشة العمل بعنوان آليات كتابة المقال العلمي