RKW Staffer Catapults to Success at UAE Athletics Federation Meet

10 months

The HCT-Ras Al Khaimah Women’s campus (RKW) has celebrated the great success and achievement of Tahreer Al Naqbi, Foundations Administrative Officer, at the UAE Athletics Federation recent competition.

Tahreer proudly won two medals – one for Shot Put (3rd place) and the other one for Hammer Throw (2nd place).



In her own words Tahreer explained her passion for sports:

“I started realizing my passion in sports when I started hitting the gym at 22 years old. At college, I wanted to share my love of sports so I participated in the volleyball team and the walking club.  These were a great way to get healthy and meet new people.  Being active gave me the spark to go beyond the walls of the gym, and so I took the adventure to the mountains and I started hiking.”

“Following the path of being fit and healthy also encouraged me to try different sports like cycling and running long marathons. My longest ride was 50 km and the longest marathon was when I participated in RAK half marathon, 21 km, and I got the 7th place out of all the female entrants. I am very proud of this achievement as I pushed myself to the limit and succeeded.  After that, interestingly, my path crossed the athletics field and I came to know that athletics is the mother of all sports.”

“What this means is that the skills, strength and stamina that you build in athletics, help you to succeed in other sports.  I spent much time practicing it after work and I participated in the UAE Athletics Federation. I worked hard with many champions who pushed me and gave me the motivation and energy until I reached the final stage of the national competition. Bravely, I won two medals; 2nd and 3rd place. I can now say that I have achieved one of my goals – to win a medal. Now, I have the dream to achieve first place, and I am sure I can work hard to win it in my next chapter of my sports journey!”


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