RAK Students’ Parents Share Feedback with Campus Management

11 months

Parents of HCT-RAK campuses students were able to provide valuable feedback to the HCT management at a meeting in the RAK Women’s campus, which was chaired by RAK campuses’ Acting Director, Dr. Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari.

The two hour meeting took place at RKW conference room, and saw seven fathers and seven mothers in attendance. It offered parents the opportunity to discuss many academic issues and to share their suggestions.

All RAK campuses counsellors were present, while Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari introduced some new initiatives, such as the Academic Success Center. Dr. Waleed El-Jammal, gave a presentation on behalf of the Academic Success Center.

During the meeting, Dr. Yahya requested parents provide their sons and daughters with support at home, and empowered the student counsellors to have open and honest discussion with parents related to their children’s social and academic status in the colleges.

In addition, Dr. Yahya emplored the student counsellors to maintain full confidentiality in dealing with student-parents issues.