Kids Show Love of Books at HCT-Sharjah Childcare Centre’s Reading Festival

10 months

The month of March was devoted to a celebration of reading at the HCT-Sharjah Childcare Centre, which hosted a series of fun, interactive events for its young charges, with the theme based on the understanding that reading for pleasure has real and long-lasting benefits. It unlocks the power of information and imagination and helps children discover who they are.

The first event was a book event, which brought awareness to the importance of early literacy.  The Book Fair was a reading event that provides a wonderful selection of engaging and affordable books for children.

To encourage and strengthen children love of books and reading, children along with their parents, visited the book fair to browse and choose books they would like to read with their child.

The Book Fair was a great way to get children excited about reading and meant that parents and children could browse and choose books together, with the knowledge that the books are suited to the child’s age and ability.

Another event was a “Read Aloud Day”, which coincided with the UAE’s first Children’s  Day on March 15. On this  occasion, the centre hosted a special guest, being  Sharjah Men’s campus’s Director Dr. Abdullah Al Suwaiji who visited the nursery and shared the pure joy of reading to children. It was a rare opportunity to hear the passion of a well-told story

Then Dr Suwaiji  started a dialogue with children about the books they like and the breakfast they enjoy, while the conversations then moved to discuss the fact that children have rights like adults, as in education, health, safety and protection .These techniques have shown  to be effective in increasing children’s engagement, understanding, and appreciation of literature in preschool setting.