HCT-Fujairah CIS Students Showcase Innovative Graduation Projects

11 months

Graduation projects are semester-long works, where final-year students make a product in their major areas by using their all knowledge and skills learnt during their four years of study.

Following that philosophy, the Faculty of Computer Information Sciences (CIS) at the HCT- Fujairah Men’s (FJM) and Women’s (FJW) campuses organized a Graduation Projects Exhibition to enable graduating students to showcase their technical skills and innovative projects.

Around 38 students were actively involved in exhibiting their projects. At FJM, the projects were supervised by Dr. Zahoor Khan and Dr. Benson Raj, while at FJW, the projects were supervised by Dr. Ossama Embarak and Dr. Monther Tarawneh.

Each project team were given a project demonstration time, where the students could demonstrate the features and its benefits to the community. As well, it was an exciting opportunity to reveal their creativity and communication skills for problem-solving and showcase solutions of real-life problems. Years 1 & 2 CIS students were also in attendance to see this incredible live show exhibition and gain insights into what they can expect upon their won graduation.

On this occasion, CIS Program Chair, Dr. Zahoor Khan, thanked all participant students and organizers. He mentioned that this event is also considered as a farewell gathering for the Semester 8 students before their graduation. He appreciated all efforts done by these students for participating in different campus and system-wide events during their four years of study at HCT.

Special thanks was also given to Prof. Saif Alqaydi, Dean of Academic Operations, for honoring the students with his presence in the Graduate Project Exhibition.

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