HCT & Ford Accelerate Business Innovation with Henry Ford Entrepreneurship Academy Workshop

2 years

The Henry Ford Entrepreneurship Academy returned to the United Arab Emirates with a three-day workshop to be hosted by the HCT-Ras Al Khaimah Men’s campus (RKM), from May 6-8, 2018 – the first time the programme has operated in the UAE’s northern Emirate.

Entrepreneurship training workshop-RKM 3

Entrepreneurship training workshop-RKM 1

Entrepreneurship training workshop-RKM 2

Entrepreneurship training workshop-RKM 5

Entrepreneurship training workshop-RKM 6

Gauged by the following reactions from the students, the event was a resounding success, including comments such as:

  • “The workshop develops our entrepreneurial skills which set us up for success as an entrepreneur.”.
  • “Also from group work time, we will develop our project and our personal skills, this will help us in the future”.

A summary of the three-day event, from the students’ perspective was as follows:

Day One

They talked to us about Human Story so through the stories of people and their success and how they achieved their goals. Then about “What is your Why”,  so that makes us different from others because each of us has a different story. Also “Noticing” that help us to know, we focus on what, when we meet people. Also to find out more about people.

Day Two

Most of the time they talked about “Value Proposition”. This helped us to know more about customers, problems, solutions, and benefit. Also, “Pitching”, where we chose the product that we will sell and apply all the things we learned in the workshop, such as human story, what is our why and value proposition.

Day Three

This was the Pitch competition, where we introduced our idea in one minute and we must include all the things required of us. I expected to win because our idea was unique and we talked about all the points in time. When they told us the final result that we are the winners we were very happy because it will give us an opportunity to achieve our goal. In the end, I learned a lot from this workshop and learned new things that would benefit me when I open my business.