Fujairah Campuses’ Community Gets Healthy, Gets Wealthy

2 years

It was a full week of activities in the HCT- Fujairah campuses as a multitude of awareness events took place in promoting health and fitness among students and staff.

Activities were not only limited within the campus, with Health Science students, along with faculty members and sport specialists from both the Men’s (FJM) and Women’s (FJW) campuses, worked collaboratively in promoting healthy lifestyle tips, exercise recommendations and nutrition advices to the public at the Fujairah Century Mall.

A ‘Re-think Your Drink’ awareness campaign was held on the first day in all HCT campuses, with the Fujairah campuses highlighting healthy drinks choices to alter what young people are used to consuming nowadays.

Fun games, like table foosball, human foosball, air hockey and many others, were offered to all through the week to promote happy breaks and re-energize the body and mind of employees and students.

the HCT ‘Healthy life… Wealthy life’ motto was used across the HCT system, with support from senior management, with the philosophy that a healthy mind is in a healthy body.

The week also gave students and employees the opportunity to experience other than classic sports,such as bowling and yoga healing, as FJW organized sessions outside the campus in a bowling center and yoga center. The week ended with a promise from all participants in putting the physical activity breaks into their daily schedule and re-think what they eat and drink for a healthier, happier, positive and productive HCT.

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