FJW Students Show Compassion With Visit Rising Sun School for Special Needs

2 years

A group of 14 big-hearted students from HCT-Fujairah Women’s campus (FJW), and their teacher Ms. Shivani Sewbaran, visited the Rising Sun School for Special Needs, as part of their Community Services project.

The project was intrinsic to the Life and Study Skills course, and gave the students the opportunity to show compassion and care. They also participated in various activities with the children of determination.

Working with children who are determined taught our students many important aspects on life in general. They acquired more knowledge about the difficulties certain sections of our community face in their everyday lives and thus gained a better understanding of how they can help to improve the lives of those less fortunate individuals. Fujairah students donated materials to the school.

The activities students engaged in were arts and crafts, block building, bracelet making, painting and colouring, sandart and many other stimulating games. This was a mutually beneficial task for all students.

Two of the students who participated in the event, Hessah Ali and Eiman Khalfan, said: “We felt touched by the whole experience and are grateful for having such an opportunity.”

Another student, Ahlaam Ahmed, has already made arrangements to complete more of her voluntary hours at the school. It was a very humbling and gratifying experience.

The visit has encouraged FJW students to bring awareness to the remarkable work being done at the centre by planning future fund raising events.

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