DBW’s SOS Club Lends Helping Hand with First IT-Skills Training Session

8 months

The HCT- Dubai Women’s campus’s (DBW) Soft Office Skills Club (SOS Club) organized its first training session, entitled IT-Skills Peer Mentoring Program on April 9, 2018.

The IT-Skills Mentoring Program is a series of sessions conducted by CIS students and intend to enhance Foundations students’ basic IT skills; improve their confidence in using the knowledge they acquire; and build a positive interaction between the Foundation and the CIS students. The IT Peer Mentoring Program will be held for four weeks in April 2018.


The SOS Cub members – CIS student teachers, Maryam Salah and Salwa Saeed – visited a Foundations class and trained 10 students on MS-Office soft wares like PowerPoint, Excel and Word, answered student queries, and imparted knowledge on how to use new tools, tips and tricks to use this software, which are an essential element for all HCT students.

This program is coordinated by Rejitha Ravikumar, DBW CIS faculty and SOS club mentor; Melissa Hedges, DBW Foundations Faculty; and the Chairs of the CIS and Foundations department.

Rejitha Ravikumar, commented: “The IT Skills Peer Mentoring Program is a great opportunity for the CIS students to connect with their Foundation peers and share their knowledge. We are thankful to the Foundations department for having us.”


“The CIS student trainers are very motivated and were glad to share their MS-Office skills with the Foundations students. This helps the CIS students to build on their confidence in presenting too,” she added.

One of the participants Amal Mohammed, Foundations student, emphasized the success of the program and said: “We learned these skills by working on a practical assignment which was very helpful and interesting. We will definitely come again next week.”