AAW Celebrates CIS Senior Students’ Innovations at Capstone Projects Day

1 year

The focus was on innovation and ingenuity on May 10, when the Faculty of Computer Information Science (CIS) at the HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) organized the CIS Senior Students’ Capstone Day.

The senior CIS students displayed their capstone projects in the form of posters and practical demonstrations to an appreciative audience of students, staff and faculty, who witnessed some brilliant ideas, ranging from multimedia videos, smart home solutions and security applications. The event gave the visiting students and faculty an opportunity to discuss the senior students’ projects, and to admire and appreciate their efforts.

One of the projects was aptly called SMARTY. It is a device control using SMS & Internet, and was developed by Mariam Obaid Saeed Marhoun, Aysha Saeed Mohammed Abdulla Alameri, and Hamda Mohammed Hareb Abdulla Alshamsi.

SMARTY focuses on reducing the electricity wastage by controlling the electronic devices remotely using their mobile text messages. It is a very useful system for scenarios when users do it through internet access with a very basic cell phone.

Sara Murad Jan, Shaima Mubarak Khalfan Mubarak Alyahyaee, and Salama Rashed Ali Khalifa Al Mazrouei designed and developed a system for Device Automation using motion and light intensity sensors. The developed system uses sensors on the basis of some intelligent algorithms to reduce huge loss of electricity, hence, saving not only the cost, but also the natural resources and the environment.

The system controls devices automatically based on human presence in the area or on the basis of natural light intensity. The system is very useful in situations when users forget to turn off devices, like ACs or lights.

The CIS multimedia students exhibited promotional videos developed for Elite Captain Abu Dhabi, one of the emerging boat clubs in the UAE. Bushra Awadh Mohammed Obaid Baguhaizel, Sara Nasser Abdul Rahman Nasser Alahbabi, and Aysha Helal Salem Hareb Al Marbooei created a very attractive promotional video for the Elite Captains’ website and for social media usage. This showcased their excellent multimedia skills learnt during their degree.

Considering the problem of manual attendance system, which takes a lot of time, Sara Marei Salem AlJaberi, Reema Khaled Mohammed Saif Alhassani, Mouza Mohammed Awad Saif Khalfan Bin Huwaireb Almuhairi, and Sara Saeed Baqir Bukallah Lootah have developed an automated students’ attendance system using biometric verification. It records students’ attendance accurately using an authentic verification method (fingerprint). The proposed system would save lecture time and would also be more accurate than the current system.

Najwa Mohammed Ali Saad Alnuaimi, Aysha Abdulla Rashed Hamad Alkaabi, and Maitha Humaid Rashed Ali Balabda developed a GPS tracking system that can track the location of stolen objects, such as vehicles, safes etc. The students used a small chip with SIM card module that can be hidden inside different objects. The location of this object can be tracked using a mobile phone application.

Using high level sketching and animation skills, Sali Hassan Hamza Salem Alhashmi, Al Hanouf Salem Awad Ali Al Neyadi, Noura Matar Mubarak Mubarak Alsubousi, and Sara Rashed Obaid Saeed Aldhaheri ideated a short promotional animated movie, about the life of typical student in Al Ain Women’s. The aim of this project is to give an idea about the college environment to the potential students.

 At the end of the event, the students’ projects supervisors, Dr. Azmi Alazzam and Dr. Yasir Javed, thanked the participating students for their hard work and the visitors for their interest. Moreover, they stressed the learning outcomes, the importance of capstone projects and the usefulness of such an event.

They added that such events not only provide an opportunity to appreciate the participating students, but also encourage the visiting students to improve their interest in the Computer Information Science majors.