AAM Volunteering Students Participate in Fursan Al Ihsan Initiative

2 years

In Coordination with the HCT-Al Ain Men’s campus’s (AAM) Career Centre, representatives from SEHA visited AAM to introduce their FURSAN Al Ihsan initiative related to Volunteers work to the students, staff and faculty.

In line with the National Initiative of the Year of Giving, and based on “Sustaining the Year of Giving in Zayed’s Year of Giving,” Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) has launched a series of initiatives to support social and voluntary work on their digital platform “Fursan Al Ihsan”, which enables society individuals, and governmental and private organizations and students to continue social and voluntary responsibility in a way that ensures its sustainability and investment in an optimal way to instill this initiative as a way of living in both institutions and individuals, and this ensures access to these initiatives in an automated way.

“By launching Fursan Al Ihsan initiative, SEHA aims to provide easy access to the different volunteers services and specially to students through a unified digital platform, and viewing all initiatives that can be invested to support the principle of volunteerism, and the concept of sharing good and giving in the public health sector,” Shamsa Ateeq Al Mheiri, Corporate Excellence & Innovation Manager, said.

Sana Tobeh, AAM Senior Specialist Students Careers and Work Placement, said: “Volunteering allows students to get involved with new things and develop technical, social, and academic skills that couldn’t be learned in a classroom environment. Wherever and with whom volunteering work is done, it allows students to experience different environments and situations.”

About 60 students attended the session by SEH and showed enthusiasm to the program and showed interest in registering to join the program. They asked lots of important questions that were answered by Shamsa who showed an expressed how impressed she was with AAM students interaction.

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