AAM Morin Café Initiative Hosts Well-Known Public Figure

10 months

The HCT-Al Ain Men’s campus (AAM) hosted Mr.Mohamed Aljabri, retired Engineer, on April 25 at its Morin Café initiative, where leading members of the community share their experiences with the AAM community.

Mr. Aljabri he spent 30 years serving in Al Ain Municipality, working in many departments in leadership positions. Lately, he has been known as a public figure and social media influencer.

The cafe day started with welcoming hospitality and traditional breakfasts, leading to a discussion with a short summary about the honored guest, and small a brief about the main topic for the Morin Café.

The group discussed the main management difficulties and obstacles, and how to deal with difficult characters

The environment was full of positive energy to face all kind of problems, with wisdom vision and renewable energy to get over the upcoming obstacles.

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