AAM Members in Party Mode for End of Year Celebration

8 months

HCT-Al Ain Men’s Campus (AAM) faculty and staff joined together to celebrate their hard work and efforts throughout the academic year with an end of the year get together.

Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari, AAM Director, led the event which was held in great team spirit, where he thanked the entire AAM team for all their hard work and dedication throughout the semester.

Dr. Yahya also provided the gathering with an updated about AAM achievements for the past year and plans for the next year. He also highlighted the overall HCT strategic change agenda.

“Today, were are here together as a team to appreciate all the hard work and at the same time plan for the next year. It is all about learning from the past to the future,” he said.

The event included a series of strategy and exercise sessions in collaboration with the CS Strategy & Future team.

In keeping with the celebratory atmosphere Dr. Yahya presented the following excellence awards to faculty and staff for their achievements throughout 2018.

Award AY 2017-2018
Director’s Award (Faculty) Dr. Munir Naveed
Director’s Award (Staff) Noura Jaber
Applied Research/Conference Paper Award Dr. Hussien AlWedyan
New Idea Award Dr. Shagufta Sarwar
Happiness and Positivity Award Eman Aldosari
Team Spirit Award Biju George
Community Engagement Award Lynsey Eames
Multi-Cultural Award Sabri Mansi
Trial and Error Award Laila Al Maani
Appreciation Award (Faculty) Philip Oxtoby
Appreciation Award (Staff) Mohd Fadul
Changed To Be Best Jon Orthmann


Dr. Yahya also recognized the following AAM employees who have completed 10 and 20 years of services at HCT, as well as those who achieved an additional academic qualifications:

  • 20 Years of Service in HCT:          Fatima Al Amiri
  • 20 Years of Service in HCT:          Afra Tabbara
  • 10 Years of Service in HCT:          Hazem Kraizim

In addition, the employees participated with a Secret Friends game, where they exchanged mystery gifts, as well as participating in Kahoot Quiz competition which they need to answer some questions about the UAE.

To conclude the celebrations the faculty and staff all enjoyed a raffle draw of valuable gifts followed by a delicious buffet lunch with their families.

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