AAM Follows Sheikh Zayed’s Passion for A Green Environment

11 months

Following in Sheikh Zayed’s footsteps, the HCT-Al Ain Men’s (AAM) Foundations students joined with faculty and staff in planting 40 local environmental trees in the campus grounds.

Students were happy and enthusiastic to participate, as one student said: “We want to keep the UAE green as Sheikh Zayed, peace be upon him, said.”

Dr. Yahya Alansaari, AAM Director, Fatima Al Amri, AAM Campus Senior Manager, Aysha Al Nuaimi, AAM Manager for Outreach and Engagement, and Hasan Toubat, AAM Foundations Coordinator, all happily participated by each planting a tree.

Students enjoyed the event and hoped that one day they will come and visit their trees after graduation.

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