AAM Engineering Students Showcase Innovative Projects

1 year

Senior Engineering students at the HCT-Al Ain Men’s campus (AAM) got a opportunity to showcase their creative handiwork when they presented their innovative projects to faculty members.

AAM Director, Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari, said: “We are proud of our students showcasing their creative ideas. These projects can lead to a game changing future for different industries.”

The following projects were demonstrated by AAM students:

Project 1: Air Heater

Project Brief: This project will depend on a generating heat inside of a system that sucks air through a big fan that is on top of the device, the system will be used to remove an amount of fog. The fan will suck air into the system, the heating system inside the device will increase the temperature of the air by force convection and the device will discharge it outside, and with that the hot air will start rising since its light. The device will be hanged in a light pole in streets and will be provided with a voltage source in order to work.

Supervisor: Dr. Hussain Al Widyan


1 H00268614 Hazza Ashraf Murad Ibrahim Ezzat
2 H00278264 Salem Khalfan Salem Ali Alkaabi
3 H00277267 Salem Saleh Salem Alshiba
4 H00268640 Salem Saleh Salem Melhem Aljaberi
5 H00292140 Salim Ali Salim Hamed Al Alawi




Project 2: Sand Power Generator

Project Brief: This project focuses on the production of power from renewable sand energy generators. The invention will be of great importance to UAE which needs more alternative energy to support its growth. The country lies in a dessert which has a vast amount of sand that is underutilized. The sand power generator will be used both for household and industrial use. It uses a simple technology that is easy to use. Moreover, the sand can be used for several months in the process. The primary concern is the over-mining of sand for other purposes such as the construction industry and glass making. The effect of excess demand of sand has led to the destruction of the environment and conflict.  Therefore, proper laws should be put in place and care taken to preserve this infinite resource. Power generated from sand can meet the demands of UAE and should, therefore, be considered an alternative source of energy.

Sand power energy generator is an idea that relies on the fact that sand is abundant in the Gulf area, which can be used to generate electrical energy to supply small loads in emergency situations.

Supervisor: Dr. Sabih Al Lami


1 H00268730 Ali Abdulla Salem Ibrahim Almahri
2 H00204279 Husain Ibrahim Hamed Mesfer
3 H00268683 Ibrahim Yousef Ibrhim Mohammed Alraeesi
4 H00268636 Mabrouk Saleh Abdulla Saleh Alharthi Al Braik
5 H00268721 Mohammed Abdulla Ahmed Slayem Almenhali




Project 3: Smart Green House

Project Brief: The smart green house has been developed to provide an environment for growing crops and plants which would not grow naturally in the hot and dry climate of the UAE.  UAE imports many crops such as lettuce, strawberries and many other plants which require a cooler and wetter climate.  The smart greenhouse uses electronic controls to provide a well-controlled environment where the temperature and humidity can be maintained to enable such crops to grow.  It does this by providing active cooling by spraying small amounts of cold water on the crops to reduce the air temperature in the greenhouse.  The water is recycled and fans provide a constant supply of fresh air.  All energy requirements are met by a solar panel which also stores enough energy into a battery to enable the controls to function throughout the day and night.  The whole system is sustainable and requires a smaller carbon footprint then traditional farming methods.

Supervisor: Dr. Rehana Ishaq


1 H00330665 Abdulla Ali Hasan Qasem Alblooshi
2 H00330714 Abdulla Anwar Mohammed Matar Alblooshi
3 H00282004 Abdulla Mubarak Mabrouk Abdulla Akzam Albraiki
4 H00278948 Khaled Juma Obiad Sultan Alkaabi
5 H00330063 Khalfan Salem Obaid Salem Alkaabi