AAM Connects with Industry & Alumni for CIS IAC Roundtable

10 months

The  Al ‘Ain Men’s Campus’s (AAM) Faculty of Computer Information Science (CIS) joined with industry partners to discuss computer graduates’ employability skills, at a recent Industry Advisory Committee meeting.

The meeting also centered on the latest skills and competencies required in today’s cutting-edge technologies, such as Information Security, Data Intelligence, Business Solutions and Artificial Intelligence and what is needed to fill such job opportunities in the future.

The committee represented some of the most influential industries in the region, as well as AAM Alumni, including Mr. Maktoum Al Kaabi from Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, Mr. Mohammad Al Zuraiqi  from Cisco, Mr. Saeed Alsaaedi  from Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, and Mr. Ahmad Alkaabi from Tawaam Hospital.

The committee discussed different types of strategic matters, particularly on assisting in connecting AAM CIS students with internship and employment opportunities in collaboration with HCT. Furthermore, the group discussed possibilities of enhancing the CIS syllabus to ensure graduates have learned the most up-to-date tools and techniques available from the world’s largest and most prominent computing industry stakeholders.

Dr. Yahya Al’ Ansaari, AAM Director, stated: “AAM is working with industry as well as alumni to understand the future trend of the local and global markets as well future CIS program offerings.”

Dr. Nasser Nassiri, CIS Associate Executive Dean, stressed the importance of working alongside industry to leverage specialist recommendations about what is truly happening in the region, and to promote professional collaboration with different sectors who have first-hand knowledge into the latest developments in technology and innovation.

Sana Tobeh, AAM Student Careers and Work Placement Senior Specialist, commented that AAM has done its best to attract board members from different areas of the IT industry. “Practitioners in the field of IT bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to the committee. Getting people from other facets of Information Technology has allowed us to connect with different parts of our industry and come up with several ideas that plays a significant part in the success of our IT majors offered by HCT,” she said.

Dr. Moayyad Mohammed, AAM CIS Assistant Professor, said he was very proud to see AAM Alumni involved in the Advisory Committee and participating effectively with their market experience.  “I also value very much their feedback and advice, including their vision on current and emerging technologies.  These graduates continue to belong to AAM and HCT, and the country, through their contributions in these meetings,” he said.

Dr. Khalid Samara, HCT Al Ain campuses CIS Chair, said: “We firmly believe that the knowledge and expertise from industry is extremely important in helping to provide strategy and direction on the requirements for the Computer Information Science Faculty, and most importantly for the future of our students.”
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