AAM CIS Student Club Host Cyber Security Awareness Seminar

2 years

The HCT-Al Ain Men’s campus’s (AAM) Computer Information Science Club showed its credentials by hosting a Cyber Security Awareness seminar, presented by club president Saif Alkaabi.

Saif introduced the latest devices and their use in our daily life, pointing out that each device that is connected to internet face several kind of security threats. The hackers can use these devices to attack on corporate IT infra-structure. The seminar also highlighted the key security threats to personal devices. The personal devices include mobile phones, laptops, smart watch etc.  The seminar was focused on awareness aspect to inform the audience of the main threats and the safe-guard against them to the personal devices.

Mr. Saif presented the most common methods used by the hackers in the social network platforms to attach on personal devices. These techniques have been very successful to compromise the victim devices and the private information.  He also presented the best ways to keep the personal devices safe against these threats. These solutions have been proven successful against such attacks.  The seminar also showed the live cyber-attacks happening in all over the world and in the UAE.

Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari, AAM Director, emphasized the importance of such awareness seminars and to educate the people to keep their devices secured against cyber-attacks. He appreciated Mr. Saif’s efforts for organizing an interesting awareness session and encouraged other students to play the leading role in promoting awareness campaigns at HCT.

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