Miles of Smiles … AAW Jumps for Joy with Happiness Day Celebrations

11 months

As part of the UAE Happiness Day celebrations on March 20, the HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) organized a jam-packed day of festive fun for its own Happiness Day celebrations.

The day emphasized the true meaning of happiness that comes from within and acknowledged the fact that the cause of happiness differs from one person to another. Therefore, the events throughout the campus had varied themes in order to bring happiness for all.

The day started with a Mindfulness Session conducted by Mrs. Hamsa Al Ammari, AAW Director, who said of the session: “The purpose is to help the audience achieve their wish and to be happy, while being free of problems caused by the mind due to stress, anxiety and anger. This session or training would help in acting as the first step towards understanding what would make you happy as an individual, by clearing your mind from the daily stress and the accumulated unsolved problems your body and soul had gathered over a period of time.”

“The session would also facilitate in getting relieved from the causes that prevents happiness, so that you get a chance to breathe freely and furthermore it would act as a driver to happiness by setting up your priorities,” Mrs Hamsa added.

The diverse range of Happiness-themed activities featuring across the campus, which attracted many staff, students and faculty, included:

  • Happiness Band, where David Waugh (Faculty of Education) and Stephan Aston (Foundations department), displayed their talents with a musical performance for students, faculty and staff
  • Gratitude Gifts were available for everyone to choose and present it to their dear ones as a token of gratitude
  • Forgiveness Fountain, where an individual would write a message on a rose petal and let out their own feelings of forgiveness were also provided to the gathering
  • Birthday Celebrations for those born in the Happiness month of February were honored with the customary cake-cutting ceremony
  • Get together booth invited everyone to pick up the phones in the booth and connect with their families and loved ones to enhance their social support, and to strengthen one of the core happiness pillars
  • Happiness Café, where everyone was invited to have a cup of coffee along with a happiness message inscribed on the cup itself.

Judging by the patronage of the activities on the campus, and the happy, smiling faces of all, the Happiness celebrations were a huge success for the campus.

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