ADW Hosts Another Round of Fruitful Employer on Campus Events

1 year

The continued success of Employer on Campus days at the HCT-Abu Dhabi Women’s (ADW) saw the campus invite Abu Dhabi Finance, National Reference Laboratory, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre and Masdar to meet with students and new graduates.

Abu Dhabi Finance staff were particularly interested to meet students from Business, Computer Information Science, Applied Media and Education programs, and collected CVs from interested candidates for internship and graduate opportunities.

The National Reference Laboratory focused on students and graduates from Applied Media, Business Administration and Health, particularly students from Medical Laboratory major. The event was an opportunity for students and graduates to submit their profiles and attend on-campus job interviews.

The Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre, at the General Civil Aviation Authority, was advertising the qualified Air Traffic Controller training program, seeking students and fresh graduates from different majors. Moreover,

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) targeted students and graduates from Applied Communications, Business Administration, Computer Information Science and Engineering. It was interested to meet students for work placement opportunities and graduates for job opportunities. The event consisted of CV collection and networking with students and graduates.

Students and graduates from Applied Media, Business Administration, Computer Information Science and Engineering majors were invited to attend the event to meet with representatives from Masdar.

Masdar were offering internships and full-time jobs aimed at both students and graduates, as well as its Emerging Leaders Program which is a full-time job with two years’ training. This program is aimed to develop employees to become leaders at Masdar in the future.

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