AAM Community Pledges to Remain “Faithful Forever” to Sheikh Zayed

12 months

In the presence of Dr. Yahya Alansaari, HCT-Al Ain Men’s (AAM) director, Abdulaziz Alraeesi, HCT Chief HR Officer, Rami Hamdan, Dean of GARD, and Dr Ra’a Said, Executive Dean of Programme and Curriculum, the AAM “Year of Zayed” Committee organized a “Faithful Forever” event, at which students, faculty, staff and guests expressed their faithful devotion to Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

AAM Foundations student Mohammad Adel addressed attendees highlighting some of Sheikh Zayed’s achievements and leadership attributes, and urged the AAM community to follow his steps.

Dr. Yahya Alansaari addressed the gathering, stressing that Sheikh Zayed is a universal leadership model, of whom not only Emiratis are proud. He asked all Emiratis and expatriates to keep faithful to Sheikh Zayed’s principles and values in order to continue the steady development and progress of the UAE.

At the end, the AAM Foundations Coordinator, Hasan Toubat invited the crowd to express their promise of working hard to follow Sheikh Zayed’s teachings by posting a statement of “faithful forever” on his big picture, which will be presented permanently in the main foyer of the college.

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